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What is The Explorer?

Common discourse around political, philosophical or cultural issues tends to make complex topics easily digestible in order to appeal to the widest possible audience. This kills critical thought and we believe we have to be better than that.
The Explorer is a platform to do just what it says on the tin, explore the nuance to every issue. Our objective is to host a variety of different opinions from all over the political and cultural spectrum so readers get to explore issues from points of view that they may or may not hold.

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Nima Nejafzadeh/Tasnim News Agency via AP


News or opinion?

The Explorer is not a site for breaking news, its focus is on taking a more analytical approach to the issues that are currently shaping our world or may do so in the near-future. We look to take deep dives on the topics that we cover and highlight their importance, exploring the consequences that they may have for our societies.

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